I love the company of my cat

My cat – aptly named Mister Owl because he looks like an owl with his large yellow judging eyes – likes to watch me type and see the words appear on the screen.

Half the time he sits on my left arm against my side while I am typing trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

He’s tried to attack my words on the screen several times to no avail, so now he just watches and enjoys the word show. This week is Tuesday and I just went for a long ride by the sea and a short swim. The neighborhood here is much slower and a lot of the local companies are closing down for the Winter, however I work for the heating company and we will be getting busier soon as winter starts to roll in. I’m also watching a large hurricane as it is approaching our hometown and causing large evacuations of the whole area. I guess that the local businesses will be really busy after the hurricane passes through to service all of the damages to homes and businesses. I may work for this new business when I go back in a couple weeks as he is going to be really busy too, and for now, I will stay here in my neighborhood overseas and keep on genuinely working like I have been to save for the trip back home in a few weeks. I will do some Heating and Air Conditioning repairs, mainly focusing on furnace and oil furnace repairs in some of the local businesses, and then go back home for a week during Christmas.

Cooling system