I lost 20 pounds largely using the treadmills at the local gym

Like most of my friends, I put on a lot of weight during the pandemic.

I was eating more food because of my stress levels and then I wasn’t getting any exercise to burn some of the calories.

Before long, I was putting on 20 pounds, then 30, and then 40 pounds by the end. I started watching raccoon videos and associating myself in the worst way possible, because a raccoon puts on that fat to survive a cold winter. If you’re eating like a hibernating animal, you know you’ve got a serious problem! However, it took my entirely way too long to come to a realization that my weight was out of control and it was I who allowed it to get that far in the first place. When you’re out of shape and want to start exercising again, it’s not as easy getting back into the swing of things because you have all of this weight to carry. With poorly formed muscles, how can you expect to hold up that much weight for enough time to burn the calories needed to lose some of it? That’s when I bit the bullet and went to a local fitness center to inquire about signing up for their gym membership. I ended up losing 20 pounds just using the treadmills for a month and a half. Then I started lifting weights, using the rowing machines, as well as the stair steppers. I lost another 15 pounds and I’m also in yoga and cross fit classes. I found a great local fitness center with lots of amenities for the competitively priced gym membership. The only thing that would make this gym better would be 24/7 hours and availability, but you can’t ask for everything.


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