I listened to the realtor when it came to the heating and cooling unit

So prior to selling the family home, I had sold exactly zero other homes in my life.

The home my wife and I raised our family in was the first house we purchased.

And we purchased that house with the idea of having a family. We were quite young back then but we knew that we wanted to bring up a family in a nice home with great heating and cooling. The idea that we would be selling it almost 30 years later was not on our minds back then. But the heating and cooling equipment we had installed all those years ago played a big part in us deciding to sell the house. The old HVAC unit had finally succumb to all those season of heating and cooling our house. So since we were upgrading the HVAC unit, we thought maybe we should make some other upgrades with the thought of selling the house. This was sort of a weird thought as that home had been our only house and leaving it would be tough. But since we needed to do some upgrades, including the HVAC unit, we thought it might be wise to think about selling. To this end, we called a few realtors and settled on one who actually knew our house. She was excited to be involved and was instrumental in helping us get the best price for our home. I was especially listening when it came to her data about the HVAC equipment. She showed me comps that steered me right to the sort of HVAC technology we needed for prospective buyers.

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