I like that I get it waxed

I love to have my bikini area totally smooth.

Some ladies are all for this plus others aren’t.

I don’t want a lot of hair there. I love the look, feel and that I don’t need to worry about myself in a bikini. It makes sense to remove it all. I used to shave that spot. Something about the hair there is unique. I shave my legs plus arms around 3-4 nights at a time. I have smooth skin plus no stubble for a while. With my lady business, I swear after shaving I need to go back in there. The section is so sensitive I couldn’t shave everyday. I once tried hair remover plus only had success with making that area turn red and burn. Thankfully I found a waxing salon near me that takes care of that section now. They offer bikini waxing plus the whole section taken care of. Every few weeks I go to my waxing shop plus Lisa rips all the hair that has formed there. A lot of people avoid waxing due to the pain. Honestly you get used to it. If your waxer is smart, it shouldn’t hurt too bad. Molly can take care of my lady business with only a couple of rips. It takes a few hours of my time plus costs hardly any money. I now don’t worry about razors, shaving cream plus getting every nook plus crack. I never go to the beach and notice stubble on my inner bikini area. I am constantly soft and ready to go.

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