I learned a few A/C service tasks I can do on my own

It was such a shock when it came to update the A/C in my home.

So, I always make sure it’s in the best condition so I can have my investment for a long time… When I relocated from the north, I was finally blissful to be done with freezing winters.

I know some people don’t mind the cold. But that wasn’t for me at all even though I was born in the area. I’d be longing for summer time all winter, plus never want the heat to end. But, every October, you could feel the weather change, plus I knew another freezing season was on its way. Well, a task option came up, plus I knew that was my opportunity to transfer down south where the weather was perfect. They do have lots of heat, however the winters are nice plus mild. I stayed in an house for a short period, did some cabin hunting, plus bought the perfect lake house. It’s in an amazing location, plus the best part was the cabin came with a functioning AC. I had to pay a bit more for a waterfront lake house, so I didn’t have extra at that time to update the AC. Thankfully, the previous owner had taken wonderful care of the AC, plus I ended up using it for an extra 5 years. Time came when it was time for A/C updatement, plus the total cost knocked the wind out of me. So, as the Heating & A/C worker did her task, my friend and I got to talk about A/C service that I can do to prolong its life span, then now I implement that each year, plus I’m hoping to have it for more than 15 years.

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