I just wanted to grill up some BBQ chicken

When our fiance said she was going into town to get some groceries, she asked if there was anything I wanted.

Well, I thought it would be nice to fire up some BBQ chicken on the grill! She smiled when I said this because she enjoys when I grill up some BBQ chicken or anything on the grill for that matter.

I told her I just needed some chicken breasts, some of our favorite BBQ sauce, and some charcoal for the grill! A lot of people appreciate using gas grills, while I only care about charcoal because it adds to the flavor of the grilled food! Since it was a moderate day, our fiance cranked the AC system as soon as she got into the car. She asked myself and others if I wanted to come with her and she would keep the AC settings extra cool for me, but I told her I had to finish with our work in the office. When she got back, she told myself and others how irritated it was in the store because the temperature control settings were lacking. She asked why they didn’t turn the AC up some more, however they said the AC system was malfunctioning and they were waiting for the HVAC professionals to arrive. She hurried through the store and she said she was in such a rush, she forgot to get the charcoal. I was cool about that because I had just enough charcoal to grill up all the chicken. The food sincerely tasted great, everybody said so while every one of us ate in our current home with the ideal temperature control settings with the AC system.

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