I hired an exterminator that specialized in live bee removal.

Whenever I thought about an exterminator, I pictured someone coming and spraying to get rid of unwanted critters, and i managed a eating establishment that had an exterminator come in weekly, then they sprayed for roaches and ants, and set out sticky traps to rid of the store of mice.

  • I hated the system that everything was killed, although I could not have them in our eating establishments, either.

Last week, I had a bee’s nest under the oak tree that was within fifteen feet of the house. If our hubby had been home, I would have had him take care of the bee’s nest, although I wasn’t about to attempt it. I had several small children, and I didn’t need to have agitated hornets getting into the house and stinging our children. I called an exterminator that specialized in live bee removal, when he got to the house, he checked out the bees’ nest and said they weren’t hornets. There was a hive of honeybees someplace close, and he could locate it for me; He would remove the honeybees and take them to a honey bee farm… Unluckyly, not only did every one of us have honey bees, but every one of us also had orange jackets that were living beneath the tree. The two of us had a double whammy of bees close to the house. He did a live bee removal of the honeybees, and then he got rid of the orange jackets and made it safe for our kids to go outside again. I hated to see any bee get destroyed, but every one of us also had to worry about the orange jackets being killer bees. They would attack our little ones relentlessly.