I had no business messing with the HVAC unit

When it comes to household projects I’m neither the worst nor the best.

I can hold my own with most things.

I’ll even take a look at appliances that aren’t working before buying a new one or calling for service. But when it comes to the HVAC equipment, I honestly knew better than to try to fix the air conditioning. I know this because my instinct was to call the HVAC company as soon as I discovered the air conditioning wasn’t cooling. The thing that confused me so much was the fact that the HVAC equipment was indeed running. It’s just that there wasn’t any cooling comfort coming from the ductwork. Somehow, in my pea brain, I thought maybe there was just a simple fix. I knew enough not to go online and try to diagnose HVAC equipment. I didn’t have the training of the know how of an HVAC technician. I knew that but I still thought that maybe there was a faulty switch or fuse that might be obvious to fix. Of course, an hour into messing with the HVAC equipment, I got no closer to finding that simple fix. And, I made the situation worse because the HVAC equipment wouldn’t even run at that point. So I ended up finally calling the HVAC company. But that foray into HVAC repair on my own cost me an HVAC service call and the remainder of my HVAC warranty. That’s right, just by messing with the HVAC unit, I voided the warranty on it. So please take it from me and call the HVAC professionals when or if there is a problem.


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