I got a workout from getting wood for the fireplace

Spending a few weeks cutting wood did wonders for my physique.

  • I used to pay for a gym membership, and then use it a few times a year, however those days are over! I went to the outdated family hunting lodge to “get back to nature” and spend some time hunting and fishing.

I did not anticipate the plunge in temps, nor the worst snowstorm in 30 years hitting the area, then after that I particularly had to “get back to nature” including cutting firewood, because the electricity and the natural gas furnace were both offline. The natural gas furnace genuinely doesn’t require electricity to run, which is what makes it so reliable. This is how awful the storm was, and how deep the snow was, that it took out both the power and the heater! Thankfully there was an outdated tile fireplace in the back of the kitchen. This lodge is several decades old, and for much of that time there was no electricity at all, this fireplace provided all the heating for the beach lake house and the kitchen. If you have never used a fireplace for survival, it turns out they are a lot more work-intensive than you think. I spent a couple of hours a day cutting firewood just to make sure the tile fireplace never went cold. This is how I lost so many pounds in such a short amount of time. The outdated tile fireplace was pretty amazing, and not only kept myself and others hot however also provided enough heat to cook my food and boil my water.

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