I get older plus Heating plus A/C gets more overpriced

There are times when I just don’t want to get out of bed.

Yes, I’m getting older plus creakier for sure.

But it’s more that I’m getting so cold so simple these days. I’m in my early sixties plus have been stunned by the swings in my body when it comes to temperature. But I’m ecstatic that all of us ditched the gas gas furnace typing winters for the heat pump mild winters down South. This was a strenuous decision however it ended up being the legitimately best one, however considering the way I am about cold temperatures, I don’t think I could even survived another Wintertide anymore. The heat pump in our new locale barely even comes on during the winter. I do transport the temperature control over to the heating side once Thanksgiving rolls around… Yet it might be weeks before that thing even comes on. My partner even enjoys the Wintertide down here because the air conditioning is finally off. We have a pretty extreme summer time from June through October plus that is tougher on her than it is for me. But don’t get myself and others wrong because I’m awfully grateful to have that Heating plus A/C cooling from the heat pump during the summer. However, my partner could use a dose more of Heating plus A/C cooling than I do. The older all of us get, it’s more love this intricate dance when it comes to where the temperature control setting is going to be. My partner likes to use the smart temperature control app on her cellphone to be sneaky about decreasing the temperature control setting. But love I said, I’m getting so sensitive to the cold that it makes myself and others check my smart temperature control app. So she doesn’t get away with it for legitimately long.

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