I forgot about the warranty

When I got my new indoor air handling system at our old home, I thought there’d be nothing to worry about for a few years.

Things were finally working out perfectly in my life! I had a job, a home and a quality indoor air control system. From the moment the heating and cooling business arrived with the brand new AC and gas furnace, I thought all the issues were over. I felt completely certain there wasn’t another thing that I had to worry about with our comfort. Every day, I went to work, watched TV, and slept soundly during every other moment, but I never considered the ongoing upkeep of our indoor air system. I didn’t realize the new HVAC system was going to need additional professional attention, or that the ongoing repairs, during appointments, were required to keep myself out of trouble. It turns out that indoor air control systems should not be ignored. If you want to operate your heating and cooling every day, you should take care of it. If you forget professional repair appointments for your units, you won’t have a manufacturer’s warranty to count on anymore. So, if anything goes wrong with the costly system, you’ll pay for it yourself. I figured all of this out the hard way when our HVAC unit suddenly stopped creating clean, fresh indoor air a few months ago. Instantly, I remembered that I had never called for an appointment, and I had never registered the warranty. Now it looks like I’m buying a new system this week.


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