I finally started yoga classes after years of just using internet videos as guides

I spent far too many years utilizing what little free time I had playing video games in my room.

I should have been out spending time with friends or at least getting some kind of exercise. By contrast, I was a huge fan of hiking when I was high school age. I had lots of homework, but some afternoons my folks were fine with me taking a short hike in the nearby nature preserve as long as I finished my homework before going to bed for the night. This was really nice for me at that age, I just wish I had kept up that habit when I finally got to college two years later. Instead, it was too easy for me to be lazy and stay in my room at all times and simply play video games on my Playstation 3, which is what I had at the time. My habit of no exercise and lots of hours sitting in front of a TV resulted in me gaining weight from the moment I started college. When I was in the process of graduating during my senior year, I realized I needed to finally get in shape once and for all. That’s the time when I discovered yoga through a close friend of mine who was training for his certification at the time. He introduced me to the world of online yoga training, which was blossoming on places like Youtube in the early to mid 2010s. Today I’m finally stepping foot into a physical yoga studio for the first time after so many years of only using online tutorials. I found a great fitness center with workout amenities and classes for yoga, crossfit, and pilates.



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