I finally had to call the HVAC professionals

This was supposed to be all about turning the page and enjoying the next chapter in our two lives.

  • That’s what retiring and selling the family cabin was supposed to be all about.

That’s not at all the way it appears to be turning out… It’s not love, we really had all that much of a plan anyway, and my wife and I had talked about a lot of odd things when it came to us hanging up our works. It turns out that we ended up doing it at nearly the same time, then we both walked out of the commercial heating, ventilation and A/C of our offices within months of each other. It’s strenuous putting a work behind you however it’s even tougher turning the page it appears… Once we were retired we knew that it was time to get rid of the family home. That came with all kinds of renovations including replacing the residential heating, ventilation and A/C. That was just the beginning of it really. Once we got things like the heating, ventilation and A/C device update done and our cabin on the market, everything else kind of came at us quickly. The cabin wasn’t on the market for absolutely long before we got above asking price, but then came all the packing and then moving into a much smaller apartment. It made the most sense to rent until we figured out what we were doing next. But I have to say I’m super disappointed with the way renting has turned out so far. The rental office seems to just basically ignore us! So I finally had to call the heating, ventilation and A/C corporation myself in order to get correct heating, ventilation and A/C repair and service done on this outdated heating, ventilation and A/C equipment. I’m just going to use it as a real motivation to make the decisions we need to make so we can own our own quality heating and air once again.

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