I feel the toughest part of the HVAC install was the first step

One of the most difficult parts of the HVAC install that I did for my house was figuring out if I should mount the condenser unit to the house or put it on a platform. I finally determined that if I wanted my condenser unit to be on a perfectly level surface, it would be best to pour the concrete and make a platform to place it on. I made the container for the concrete with wood and poured half the concrete first and let it set. Then I put support bars on top and poured the remainder of the concrete so the concrete wouldn’t break. I actually did a pretty good job and I was happy that it was totally level when I was finished. Taking care of the rest of the HVAC installation seemed like a breeze after I got all that out of the way. Of course, I have to admit that the electric hookups made me feel nervous. I kept thinking about the old cartoons I would watch when I was a youngster and how they would be electrocuted all the time and would either be obliterated to ashes or they would be a fuzzy mess. I didn’t want to be electrocuted, but I just took care of everything very carefully making sure the power was shut off while I was working. It was a little nerve wracking even though I checked to make sure there was no voltage in the lines while I was connecting everything. I was so happy when everything worked when I turned everything on and I opened the line sets to let out the compressed refrigerant. The new system has been working like a charm and I’m so happy that I was able to save so much money on this DIY project.

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