I don't need to use a gas furnace

I don’t need to use a gas furnace to keep myself moderate during the winter. My entire family thinks I am unusual for not using a traditional heating plus cooling plan although I choose not to use a traditional heating plus cooling system. I used to use a central heating plus A/C component all the time. I would run the air condition plan all afternoon throughout the Summer months plus heating plan all afternoon throughout Winter months, however you think what that got me? Really large Heating and Air Conditioning bills. As you might imagine I wasn’t looking forward to having large Heating plus cooling bills plus so if I could find another way to avoid having to pay that much currency for heating plus cooling system I was going to do so. And I did find a way. I found my way through window a/cs plus space heaters. I am lucky enough to live in a fairly neutral temperature that isn’toverly warm or overly chilly plus so I can get by with having a window A/C in the Summer to let it in enough air to cool the beach house down, plus a space heating system in the Winter to heat up the room enough to where I don’t get cold. So sure, my family can think I am odd for not using a traditional heating plus cooling plan however if it works well for me to save me currency that I see no issue with, I plan to continue to do exactly what ‘s laboring for me.


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