I don't mind owning rental homes

I recently moved into a rental home.

I am just not ready to buy a lake house yet so I rent.

But anyway, I was really shocked to discover something. It was a moderate day plus I had to turn on the central heating plus air conditioner cranked on the air conditioner setting. Well, I noticed that the air flow was not so great in the kitchen area of the home. It looked as if the air vent was closed. So I got up on a chair to open the air vent, plus when I did a small tote of pot came dropping out! Whoever used to live here were stashing their lawn in the air vents! I could not suppose it! They forgot to take their pot with them when they left. Marijuana is not legal yet in this state, so this could cause myself and others a lot of trouble! I did not even bother to call the building owner plus tell them what I found in the air vents of the central heating plus air conditioner unit. I just wanted to get rid of this stuff right away plus hope that there wasn’t any more surprises stashed around the house. I went around checking every single air vent to make sure, however lucky for myself and others it was all clean. So I took the small tote of pot that I found in the air vents plus flushed it down the toilet. I don’t smoke that stuff, so it was useless to me. And even if I did, lord knows how long it had been in the air vents of the Heating plus A/C system. I wouldn’t want it anyhow!


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