I don't like being outdoors

I’m not sure how many times I have to tell my boyfriend but I am not an outdoors person.

My boyfriend recently brought up an idea that he had for a final weekend out and he told me that he wanted to go hiking.

When he said this I asked him if he meant in the woods. He laughed and told me that of course he meant in the woods where else would people go hiking!? I saw I hadn’t told him that he knew I wasn’t an outdoors person and that I couldn’t stand the idea of having thousands of mosquitoes buzzing all around me trying to suck my blood. He told me that I was a simple solution for that and that we could just use some bug spray. He wasn’t too keen on it but he made me a deal and told me that if I went hiking with him then he would go shopping at the mall with me, something that I love to do but he couldn’t stand waiting around all those hours. We agreed and decided that this would be a good compromise for both of us. When we went in the woods I was right there was insects everywhere and the heat was so hot and sweltering that I was picturing my air conditioner right now. I have a ductless mini split AC system and I was just picturing myself sitting in front of it having that cool air cool me off and not having to worry about any of this heat. Unfortunately, it was that same heat that snapped me back to reality. We hiked for several hours before returning home and as soon as I got back all I wanted to do is lay in front of the air conditioning system. My boyfriend thought I was being dramatic but I was really hot.