I didn’t want to call a HVAC worker out instantly

My sibling kept repeating those same 4 words to me, plus I didn’t want to hear it anymore.

I told you so.

Those 4 words. What is she talking about? Well, about a month ago I noticed my wasn’t acting quite right. It was producing a bit of a smell, as well as a weird noise too. However, it was still working just fine, so I easily didn’t guess much of it. However, in hindsight, I should have just shut the unit off plus called a HVAC worker right then plus there. The cooling system struggled on like this for another 2 days, before it eventually quit working. However, I didn’t want to call a HVAC worker out just yet. Why pay a extravagant repair bill, when I could ask a family member for help? My sibling went to a HVAC university for 6 months, however then he dropped out to pursue another career. However, within those 6 months, he l acquired enough to repair HVAC machines. My sibling told myself and others that he wouldn’t repair it for me, plus I didn’t guess her. I called plus asked my sibling plus he said sure, no problem. It was supposed to be repaired this weekend, however my sibling had something come up. The next weekend came plus my sibling gave another excuse, plus so forth. A month passed without HVAC on my end, plus I just kept believing he would eventually come out plus help me. He never did, plus that it was in the middle of summer, all of the HVAC corporations are busy, plus I have to wait an additional 3 weeks before I can get HVAC repair. I should have listened to my sibling.