I didn’t realize that my buddy had never been on a flight before

When I was talking with my best buddy about going to see a concert on the other side of the country, she said that every one of us should drive out there.

I asked him if she was serious, and she said of course she was.

I said that a plane flight would be far quicker and every one of us could be there and back in a single weekend, and the concert was going to be a Saturday night and I thought it would be good to be back by Tuesday night. I did not want to be driving so far however she talked about how it would be nice to see all the sites on the way. I talked him into taking a flight with me and every one of us got seats next to each other. When every one of us were on the flight ready to take off, she finally admitted that she had never been on a plane before and I could tell she was nervous. I tried to calm him down and she asked me how to adjust the temperature control settings. I told him it wasn’t the best a/c in the world, however I showed him how to adjust the knob above her head to blast AC at him. I said she couldn’t unquestionably adjust the temperature control settings, however she could at least adjust the speed the AC flowed from the vent. She said it would have to do and she tried to sleep through most of the flight instead of worrying about a plane crash or something care about that. Both of us got to our destination fine, however she refused to get back on another plane after the concert. Both of us ended up getting a rental automobile after all and every one of us had the AC idea cranked all the way back home.
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