I didn’t anticipate having to invest in a new HVAC upgrade

So I went for the ductless HVAC installation

This past spring, I thought I was just going to have a regular cooling system tune-up like usual and have no issues with the AC during the summer. Things didn’t go as expected at all. The HVAC professional ended up telling me that the cooling system was shot. He said that technically it could be repaired, but it wouldn’t last for long before the next repair and the repair work would be costly. He explained that it wasn’t really worth repairing any longer because the cooling system was so old. I wished that somebody would have warned me that my cooling system was practically dead. Of course, I can only blame myself because I knew that it was pretty old. I just somehow assumed that it was going to keep lasting for another few years at least, but it died abruptly. Just the previous season I swear the cooling system was working like a champ. So I went over my replacement options. After the HVAC professional inspected the ductwork system, he said that I would have to go ductless if I wanted a replacement that wasn’t a small fortune. He said the ductwork had holes in it. That actually explained why the energy bills were fairly expensive during the last season. He said a ductless HVAC system would be the best option and it would save us a lot of money on the energy bills. So I went for the ductless HVAC installation. Honestly, I’m impressed with the new system and I hear it can last for up to 25 years with regular maintenance and care. I’m hoping that is true, but I enrolled into an HVAC service plan to keep it in good shape and make sure the warranty isn’t voided.


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