I did our best

Bad air quality in many areas is an ongoing issue.

I happen to live in a single of those areas that has exhausting air quality.

I did our best to combat it. I ended up buying 4 portable media air cleaners and I have to say that while it did not completely repair the exhausting air quality that gets into our home, it did in fact improve it highly to the point where the two of us could all breathe much easier and have little to no dust sensitivity genre symptoms. If I had the money to invest I would just get a whole apartment media air cleaner, but those things are way too expensive for our budget. But the portable media air cleaners seem to be doing ok. I spent a few hundred dollars versus thoUnited Statesnds and got a similar result. Because when you have this exhausting of air quality in your area even a whole apartment air purification idea will not completely clean it out care about many think. I found this out from a buddy of mine who undoubtedly has a whole apartment media air cleaner. I go in his house and it is not much weird than mine with our 4 portable media air cleaners compared to his whole apartment media air cleaner. With there being not much of a difference as I found out, I do not guess so exhausting in not being able to afford a whole apartment media air cleaner. I am totally glad with what I have and glad in the fact that it does undoubtedly do a little bit of good.

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