I couldn't understand how they got my number.

I had been to the same customer three times in the last two weeks.

They wanted me to do work on their furnace that wasn’t necessary.

I tried to tell the wife their furnace was in good shape, but her husband told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. It was an odd situation when people insist they need repairs made when they don’t. I was used to people telling me I was trying to rip them off and not telling me I wasn’t doing enough. After three times, I talked to my boss and told him I wasn’t going back. He agreed with me, and told me it was important that we left them thinking we had good customer service, but there was no helping this couple. Two days later, I got a phone call on my personal phone. The couple had somehow gotten my phone number and were no longer going through the HVAC company. They demanded I come to their house and repair their furnace, and they weren’t taking no for an answer. I told my wife I would be home in an hour, and headed to their house. I spent fifteen minutes in their basement, pounding softly on the furnace and muttering to myself. When I came upstairs, I gave them a bill for $150. They were overjoyed that I had finally ‘fixed’ their furnace. The husband said he could already feel it getting warmer. I thought they were wacky, but my boss said he had dementia. What I did made him feel good, and allowing them to pay me, was good for everyone.


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