I couldn't stay in the cold weather conditions any longer

I have lived in a cold weather conditions all my life and it lasted to a point where I couldn’t stay in it any longer.

  • I’m exhausted of the same thing every single year.

Every year I would have to go and bundle up nice and sizzling if I did not want to freeze. That in the heating bills every year kept rising and getting more and more upscale. I had to maintain my space heater, plus my central gas furnace, which for myself and others was my furnace. And the worst area was that even if I do my best to maintain my heating plan it would still occasionally split down, last Wintertide I had really poor luck and I had my furnace split down while I was in the winter. This is but he did not coin tune-ups from the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation before the furnace had broken down, yet only a few months later the furnace broke down. It broke down and Wintertide had already arrived and I had to abruptly call an emergency Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair to get them to come out and fix it so I would not freeze. Thankfully they got out here really abruptly and repaired it. It kind of cost myself and others a heavy service bill. I’m just exhausted of living in a cold weather conditions overall and I suppose I’m ready to go and live anywhere warm. I have been looking at arenas that are in warmer States for quite a while now and I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to pack my things and go.

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