I couldn't focus on the food

It was absolutely hard for me to enjoy my food when I had awful quality Heating and cooling.

My fiance and I decided to go out to a restaurant last weekend because the two of us wanted to try some modern sites in town.

When the system was first brought up it sounded love a fun thing to do, but I know the two of us just had some awful fortune because the two of us chose the wrong site. There was a modern restaurant that it opened up just down the street and they promised pizza, burgers, and chicken. The food and the images looked delicious and so the two of us thought it was worth giving them a try. However, when the two of us decided to go to the restaurant the experience the two of us had was unquestionably weird a single. The witchers brought out our food and the two of us tried it and the food was amazing, then unfortunately, that’s the thing that took away from the amazing food was the atmosphere. I do not assume they had any Heating and cooling in the restaurant at all! And this is obviously a absolutely awful decision on their section considering the two of us were in the middle of summer. It was particularly hot in there and the two of us were burning up without any sort of AC. Every one of us decided to ask the waitress if there was any air conditioner in the restaurant and she told us that they used to have A/C in the place however it broke down and management took forever to get it fixed. She apologized for the inconvenience however there was nothing that could be done. The place would have been perfect if it had cooling.

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