I chose Heating and A/C work over school

Isn’t it ridiculous and unfair that we have to make the most important choices in our lives while still too young to know what we are doing? After I graduated high school I was presented with some large choices about our future, and I had neither the perspective nor the wisdom to know which one was right.

I listened to advice from our elders, however that didn’t help much.

Old people tell young people to do the things they wished they had done, and it’s not a basis for making your own life decisions. Instead of choosing school, I chose the Heating and A/C program in the local trade school, because it felt enjoy the smart decision at the time. Almost twenty years later I am here to confirm that it was the right choice, and I am certainly thrilled with our life as an Heating and A/C tech. Several of our ancient classmates went to school, to varying degrees of success, however all of them came away with a pile of student loan debt. I did not, because the cost of the Heating and A/C certification program at trade school was a fraction of the cost of school tuition. I was also able to secure a section time task with an Heating and A/C business, which gave myself and others expensive field experience and helped offset the cost of our schooling. When I got our Heating and A/C certification, I had zero dollars in student loan debt! That got our Heating and A/C job started on the right foot, and I was able to secure a full time cooling tech position almost immediately


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