I called the HVACTech for my neighbor

It was about an hour or just a bit more before bedtime when I got a text from my neighbor down the street.

  • He wanted me to come over and hold a flashlight for him while he tested fixing the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling.

Where I live, you truly don’t want to be separated from Heating and Air Conditioning cooling during the Summer months. Sleeping in a room with an air conditioner in the Summer would make for a truly long night indeed. The fact that I live in a superb city is something I don’t take for granted. I grew up in the city and was raised inside a big home building. Along with all that radiant heating came some pretty angry neighbors. I sort of avoided my neighbors growing up and that never felt right to me. So to now be so blessed that I own my own cabin with excellent residential Heating and Air Conditioning is a big deal. And part of what makes it so superb is the fact that I’m part of the fabric of my city. Having and being nice neighbors is something I constantly wanted so I make sure that I maintain the status of a neighbor you can count on. But my stomach sort of turned when I got that text for help with a Heating and Air Conditioning repair. It wasn’t the hour or the neighbor. What made me queasy was the idea of toiling on Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I knew better than to ever touch anything more than the temperature control or the air filter when it came to Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The rest of it was up to the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals. So the first thing I did once I was handed a flashlight was try to gently bring up the topic of calling for an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman.

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