I asked if I could use a space heater?

When I called the owner of the apartment I lived in, it was to tell him the furnace had broken.

He said he would get an HVAC technician to the house as soon as possible.

It was getting colder by the minute, and I was considering going to my friend’s house until the HVAC technician could arrive. It was only five degrees out, and I knew I couldn’t stay here much longer. I was sitting in the living room wrapped up in a blanket when the owner of the house called. He asked if I had a space heater. I didn’t have one and he said he had three. I asked if I could use one of his space heaters. He said he called to offer them to me if I wanted. It wasn’t my fault the HVAC system had broken down, and I shouldn’t be suffering. His wife was in the background and I could hear her telling him to give her the phone. When she got the phone out of his hands, she asked if I wanted to come to their house instead of staying there with space heaters. The HvAC company couldn’t get a technician to the house for about forty-eight hours. She worried the pipes may freeze, and even though her husband had heat tapes on the pipes, it was still a possibility. I thanked her, but I told them I would go to my friend’s house and stay warm. She sounded upset that she couldn’t do more for me, but I had to take care of myself.

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