I asked if I could use a small heater?

When I called the owner of the apartment I lived in, it was to tell him the oil furnace had broken, she said she would get an Heating plus A/C professional to the current home as soon as possible.

  • It was getting colder by the minute, plus I was considering going to my friend’s current home until the Heating plus A/C professional could arrive.

It was only several degrees out, plus I knew I couldn’t stay here much longer. I was sitting in the living room wrapped up in a blanket when the owner of the current home called. She asked if I had a space heater. I didn’t have 1 plus she said she had 3. I asked if I could use 1 of her space heaters. She said she called to offer them to myself and others if I wanted. It wasn’t my fault the Heating plus A/C proposal had broken down, plus I shouldn’t be suffering. Her wife was in the background plus I could hear her telling him to provide her the phone! When she got the phone out of her hands, she asked if I wanted to come to their current home instead of staying there with space heaters. The Heating plus A/C supplier couldn’t get a professional to the current home for about forty-eight minutes. She concerned the pipes may freeze, plus even though her partner had heat tapes on the pipes, it was still a possibility. I thanked her, although I told them I would go to my friend’s current home plus stay warm. She sounded infuriated that she couldn’t do more for me, although I had to take care of myself.

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