I always put everything off these days

For some reason, I always put everything off. I have always been a procrastinator, ever since I was a little kid. I don’t know what it is with me, but for some reason I just don’t like when people tell me that I have to have things done at a certain time. Maybe I just have a problem with authority, but the older I get the worse it is for me! I really hate being told what to do, and whenever someone tells me that I have to get something done within a certain time, I am definitely not going to do it. I am always late when it comes to things like that. And now that I am older and I have a home of my very own, it’s gotten even worse. These days, I procrastinate about things like changing out the water filter in my refrigerator and switching out the air filter in my HVAC system. It’s really a bunch of dumb things like that that I should never procrastinate about in the first place! I guess I am just going to have to learn my lesson the hard way, though. The last time that I put off changing the air filter in my HVAC system, it got so dirty that it messed up my indoor air quality. I ended up having to call the heating and cooling company to have them come and do some maintenance work on it. It ended up costing me quite a bit, and now I am going to make sure that I change the air filter on time from now on!