HVAC email predicted the future

I have noticed an increase in the amount of emails I have been getting from the air conditioning business local to me.

I don’t mind getting emails from them, I find them informative and it keeps me up to date on things.

Especially since they sometimes will have sales. Usually though, the emails are just talking about recent changes they are having or what products are in the spotlight for that week. I usually get these emails once per week, but lately it has been closer to daily. However, I did get one email that was a bit different from the others. The email told me that I would have a refrigerant problem soon. I thought that was weird and moved on. However, only a couple of weeks later, I noticed my A/C wasn’t blowing cool air anymore. The air was moderate, instead of ice cold. I called the HVAC business, because I originally worried that there was something wrong with the heating and A/C unit. However, when the A/C technician came out, he simply told me that all I needed was for the refrigerant to be refilled. It was then that I remembered that email and was a little bit freaked out. I asked the HVAC professional to see if he knew anything, but he was just as clueless as I was. Once the refrigerant was refilled the air was ice cold again and the HVAC worker left soon after. Most likely, it was just a coincidence with the HVAC system, but that is some weird timing.

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