How a broken a/c helped heal our relationship

My lovely wife and I have been together for 10 years, but the two of us recently encountered a rough patch.

We bought a puppy together early on in our relationship, but the poor thing passed away from cancer all too soon .

Both of us have been so torn up about it and it was difficult to express our emotions, so the two of us decided to take a road trip. Both of us were already filled with anxiety and painful emotions when we started the trip, but it got even worse shortly into the trip when our a/c completely stopped working. Normally, I would have said, “Let’s keep going without the a/c,” but it was in the middle of June! My wife and I were quite cross, so I called the nearest heating and air conditioning company to see if we could get it fixed quickly! Throughout the drive over to the mechanic shop, my woman just complained about how negligent she had been with the a/c and she was overreacting and almost crying. When the two of us reached the mechanic, she gave us a bid and told us that she would have the a/c up and running in about half an hour. At first, we were going to wait there, but then, we decided to find a place with a/c, so the two of us stopped at a pizzeria to eat. The cool air conditioning there cooled off our tempers, and we were finally able to share our open and honest opinions of how rough we had taken our pet’s death. It was so freeing, and I’ve never felt so close to my wife. The rest of the trip was absolutely great for the both of us, and I am so grateful that we had to make that stop to get the a/c fixed.