Hopefully the new HVAC upgrade will give me some peace

The idea of having a big family seemed like such a good idea when my wife and I were first starting out having a family.

These days, I’m not so sure that we chose the best path when it came to having a big family.

For starters you have to have a house with quality heating and air that is big enough for five kids. Then comes all the saving for all those kids to get to college. Although I’ve got a few academics in the bunch that are going to score daddy some scholarship money. Still, it takes a lot to provide for all of us. My wife and I both work really hard inside the zone controlled HVAC of our respective offices to make all this happen. So it seems like coming home to just relax for a few minutes of peace inside the quality heating and air of my home isn’t asking too much. But with five kids there isn’t a whole lot of peace. Yet, I’m hoping that the HVAC professionals have now taken one of the bigger argument triggers off the menu with the new HVAC upgrade. The residential HVAC we have is really top quality and still has a decade or more left in it. But I had the HVAC company tweak that HVAC unit so we could have zone controlled HVAC. There are now 6 thermostats in the house. And hopefully, that will stop the incessant bickering over the thermostat setting when there was just one. That would be great and so far so good. The other day, I kicked back in the recliner for a full 20 minutes in the air conditioning before anyone even knew I was home!

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