Home gym is not temperature controlled

My workout space has no temperature control.

I have my home gym setup in a lanai built across the back of my house.

The one wall is entirely constructed of screens that allow in a fresh breeze. For most of the year, the screens are an asset. We enjoy mild weather conditions, and the influx of fresh air helps to motivate me. I appreciate the view of the lake behind my house. I see all sorts of birds, squirrels, fishermen, jet skis and boaters. I have enough space to have a mini trampoline, incline bench and a treadmill. I’m able to unroll a yoga mat, lift weights, jump rope and perform a series of lunges, squats, jumping jacks, burpees and all sorts of exercises. There is a smooth cement floor, a high ceiling and the space is well lit. Because of the ventilation, I feel good about the air quality and never worry about the smell of sweat. I only have complaints with the weather for a couple of months. In the middle of the winter, the temperature can drop down into the forties. Although I bundle up in layers of clothing, I’m still chilly during the workout. It’s very difficult to get my muscles and joints warmed up. It’s a challenge to push myself when I’m wearing so many clothes and shivering. In the middle of the summer, the temperature soars into the nineties and the humidity is brutal. I plug in a box fan and stand right in front of it. I try to get up early and exercise before the heat of the day sets in. I still sweat profusely before I’ve even gotten through my warm up. I tend to feel slow and sluggish.

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