Hey Mom! Can I get a storage tote family room?

I was talking to my child the other day and he informed me needed a current room. He thought it would be cool if the two of us bought him a storage tote family room. I had no system what he was talking about. He said he had been seeing a TV show and they were talking about taking portable storage bins and cutting them in half. One wall was all glass, and it was designed to suit the needs of the buyer. They included all furnishings, decorating, and an Heating plus A/C system. The room was soundproof and weather proofed. I stood there listening to him and trying to wrap my head around what he was saying. He already had a enjoyable family room that had windows, was decorated for him, and had excellent Heating plus A/C. Why was he talking about a current room. I decided to play along and see what he was actually saying. When he said it was soundproof and waterproof, I asked about his current bestie! He sputtered and said he was sixteen and wanted some privacy. He was tired of his little brothers just walking in on him. An 8X10 room wasn’t too big, however if it was what he actually wanted, I thought I should consider it. He said it had excellent Heating plus A/C, so I thought I should look into it. I wanted to guess what it would cost to turn the attached garage into an current home for him, however when my brother said it could absolutely be more than $10,000, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. When I realized the storage bin room was over $20,000, I decided to see if my brother could trim the cost and I would use the garage.


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