Heated flooring was the right choice for my kitchen

It is silent when operational and doesn’t stir up dust since it is electric based

My kitchen needs to have some type of heating system. What is unfortunate is that there is a gas fireplace right in the living room. The distance is just too great. The kitchen also has a bunch of windows that just seem to let in cold air. I have caulked and added insulation, it doesn’t fix it. For years I dealt with a ventless heater on the floor of the kitchen. It wasn’t very good at providing heat. It basically pooped out cold air and occasionally would spit out warm air. It frequently clogged up with dust and threatened to light my house on fire. When I realized it was time for a kitchen remodel, I needed to consider the heating system. I didn’t want another heater that takes up floor space. I wanted that room for a lower cabinet. I also didn’t want something that plugs into the wall either. I hunted around for options and I found heated flooring to be the solution. I didn’t want a wall mounted indoor air handler since those are big eyesores. With heated flooring it is seagull under the title and out of sight. It warms everything that touches it and doesn’t waste energy by allowing heat to rise. It is silent when operational and doesn’t stir up dust since it is electric based. What was great is that I was able to save some money on the heating installation myself. I bought the electric heated mats at the hardware store and did the installation all on my own.


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