He told myself and others I wasn’t going to make it as an HVAC worker.

It was only the first day of class, and already I was upset about making it as an HVAC worker.

Most of the gentlemen who were in class with me, had proficiency of HVAC systems.

A lot of them had parents or other family members who were HVAC workers, and the only reason I wanted to be an HVAC worker was to save our family cash. My Mom was always complaining that he could not afford the fuel it took to run the furnace. He refused to have the AC unit substituted because of its cost. Mom made a lot of goodies in the dining room, and he would donate them to the church and other charitable institutions. I think half of his baking and cooking goes to the homeless, however Mom never complains. When I told Mom I wanted to go to school for HVAC workers, he laughed. He told myself and others I wasn’t going to make it as an HVAC worker, but I knew he was wrong. Somehow, despite the fact that I knew I could make it, I was still upset. I may not be HVAC material, but I told myself to keep trudging along! By the end of the classes, I had already secured a position in the HVAC supplier owned by our instructor. He told myself and others I had the position as long as I passed the certification exam. My Mom never said a word when I came beach apartment and told him, however when I walked away, he asked if that meant I could now service the AC unit for our mom.

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