He told me to duck when I went into the basement.

I had been house shopping for about three weeks, when I thought I hadfound the condo of my dreams.

I had not yet had any inspections done, however I would seen the main part of the house plus I was content with it.

When I advised having inspections done, the realtor told me I needed to take a closer look; She told me before I made any decision, I needed to look into the attic, plus the basement, the attic was little dark plus severely hot, however I knew with some insulation plus putting a ventilation fan in the roof, it would take care of some of the heat. The basement however, was a completely different story; Not only was it dark plus dank, however even before my good friend and I got to the bottom the steps, the realtor told me I had to stoop. Stoop wasn’t even the word. I had to duck to get under the floor plus down the rest of the steps, plus stay down as I walked through the basement. I was only 5’4″, plus the basement ceiling was so low that it was surprising they were even able to get a heater into the basement. The worst part of the basement, was that it was small plus the HVAC duct was taking up some of the headspace. I backed off on having the inspections done, plus told his I needed to keep looking. I needed a house that had excellent Heating, Ventilation & A/C with a basement plus attic that I could turn into usable rooms. The realtor nodded, plus he changed my criteria to now include excellent Heating, Ventilation & A/C plus usable basement plus attic.


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