He even went ahead to contact their bosses in advance

It was worth every last penny just to see the look on Jude’s wifey’s face, and he will always treasure that.

  • Jude hadn’t seen her look at him in that way for a couple of years.

But that’s sort of on him. Still, seeing his wife’s smile as Jude whisked her away from the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of her office was priceless. She was amazed that Jude had put together this awesome spa weekend and kept it hidden. Jude even went so far as to contact her boss so the appropriate time off could be arranged. When he showed up with a big smile and an arm full of flowers inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of her office, Jude’s wife wasn’t sure how to react. It wasn’t her anniversary that Jude wasn’t dying. When he told her that he was there to take her for a surprise treat at an all inclusive resort and spa, that’s when it hit her. Word quickly spread among her coworkers and they were even all happy for this bit of romance on a Friday. Once they were in the car, Jude made sure the air conditioning was just the way she liked it and she had already prepared a picnic dinner. There was a section outside the air conditioning on the way that was charmingly scenic and perfect for a picnic dinner. But when they checked into their suite, Jude’s wife was the one blown away. It was huge and had a pair of ductless heat pumps for heating and cooling. Needless to say, that was such a fantastic time for Jude and his wife. And he won’t soon forget that look either.


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