Having financial intelligence

I listen to a lot of real estate podcasts and I am part of those types of groups online.

I even went on a trip to an investor weekend where we all talked about how we are improving our wealth.

I read books, talk to other real estate guys, investors, stock brokers, you name it. Basically I want to be financially independent. What does that mean? I want to be able to not worry about money anymore. Basically finally working 9-5, saving money in the bank and paying bills is a good way to never financially be independent. What you need to do is make your money work for you. Money in the bank isn’t doing anything. It is much smarter to buy stock, purchase a rental property or flip houses and put them for sale, but you need assets in your portfolio. You want a high networth rather than a high bank account number. As part of our financial intelligence I want to no longer work a typical job. My goal is to have enough residential and commercial rental properties to pay our mortgage, vehicle and groceries! Each rental should suddenly help me spend our savings for the next one, then currently I have 5 rental properties under our belt, but they range from being an apartment complex to a single family home. I technically have an impressive net worth and could theoretically live off our rental checks I get. I am hesitant to do this. I suppose I might want another rental and then to hire a property supervisor. That way our time isn’t spent on the rentals all day long, but looking for the next day.

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