Having a functional heater is crucial if you have allergies

I have the world’s worst allergies.

Sometimes I get hit with allergy attacks that are so bad I have to call out of work.

I’ve become a serious pro at different allergy remedies that have worked to help me overcome those attacks, but even then I just have to wait until my body’s immune response calms down. Something that I found especially helpful is to offer my body heat by sitting in front of a heater or using a heated water technique. Our bodies love to sweat things out when they aren’t feeling well, so sometimes I sit in front of my portable heater to get through it. If it isn’t too hot outside and my allergies are a consistent bother, I will actually turn up the thermostat so that the whole house becomes my personal sauna. I can’t say that my energy bill loves this technique, but I’m super happy that I have an energy-saving heater. Another way one could help the allergies is to set up their portable heater and sit in front of it for a few minutes at a time. I’d only recommend doing this for a couple of minutes at a time because those heaters get incredibly hot and having that direct heat on your face for too long can be damaging to the skin. The last way that I provide heat to my body when going through an allergy attack is to use the heater from a steam inhaler, which is kind of like a water heater that opens up the sinus passages. I love finding different natural ways to take care of my body.

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