Happy with our choice of installing a geothermal heat pump

I was initially scared off by the cost of a geothermal heat pump.

  • This type of temperature control is a much greater investment than more conventional options.

The excavation required to install an underground loops plan is invasive, labor-intensive and luxurious. However the ground loop is warrantied for fifty years and can be expected to last twice that long. Because the actual heat pump is situated inside the home and protected against the weather, it should last upwards of twenty years. That provides plenty of time for the savings on daily heating and cooling costs to add up. A geothermal heat pump uses the free and renewable energy gave by the sun, even in the middle of the winter, the underground temperature remains fairly constant. The heat pump pulls heat out of the ground and transfers it into the house. In the summer, the plan reverses direction to extract heat out of the home and transport it into the ground. This process achieves energy efficiency ratings of 400% perfect. It means that for every component of energy the heat pump requires to operate, it produces 4 units of energy. It cuts the cost of temperature control in half and has paid for itself in under many years. I appreciate that geothermal heating and cooling is especially environmentally friendly. It avoids the burning of fossil fuels, eliminating the production of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and yellowhouse gasses; With the addition of a straight-forward switch, our geothermal heat pump provides a nearly free source of tepid water. It helps to dehumidify in the summer, doesn’t dry out the air in the winter, and effectively filters out contaminants all year round.

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