Happy For my Heater Today I Tell you What

It is very cold and rainy out today and I have my furnace cooking away in the background.

I may even light a fire in my fireplace to add a little color and sound to my life today.

I am happy to be all cozy in my flat when the weather is so nasty outside. Actually, I wouldn’t call it nasty that sounds bad, it’s just cold and wet out and I would rather be in a warm and dry place. My cat is sleeping on the air purifier, which is actually turned on right now and running, and I think it has made its new bed on top of it. I have a strange cat that won’t let me pet it yet as it seems to be still scared of me after living here for almost two months. The guy at the HVAC company told me that it can take a year for a cat to warm up to you if it has been mistreated in the past. I guess I just need to be patient and let it come to me when it is good and ready. I think it likes my fireplace because a lot of the time it is sleeping near the fire as it is popping and crackling. I guess it is natural for an animal to like one of the elements of nature. I think I will check my furnace filter and make sure it is clean because I am sneezing a lot this morning and it is probably filled with dust and whatnot.