Had to get out on the road but I found some great HVAC

It wasn’t an easy decision but it was clearly the only way to go.

Still, being out on the road all summer with the air conditioning in my car maxed out every day wasn’t my idea of fun.

When the company shut down the zone controlled HVAC of our offices and sent us all home, I wasn’t so sure I could do all my work from home. A big part of what I do involves traveling to be onsite for product and service implementation or to negotiate deals. That means I spend a lot of time hoping I’ll get a hotel room with good commercial HVAC. And I also spend a lot of time on airplanes. Even with the mask mandates and the HEPA filters on planes that year, the company wasn’t taking any chance and air travel was out. That meant that for me to do my job, I had to get out on the road. Since my territory is rather broad, it didn’t make much sense for me to go and come back all the time. So I packed up a dozen suits and hit the road. The air conditioning in the car was much more consistent than the HVAC on most of the flights I’d been on lately. And I found that the interstate hotels always had the best commercial HVAC. While I was gone a long time that summer, I sure didn’t do without great air conditioning. That’s been 2 years ago now. And honestly, I sort of miss being on the road as opposed to flying again.


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