Glad I took my time

I read some Eckert Tolle cards about being in the now last night and they legitimately stuck with me.

The one card I read said to stay in the present when doing a task and don’t guess about the future or how long you have to wait for the task to be done, however it said to just like the moment and let time pass by gently as it constantly seems to do.

I’ve been doing that today and it legitimately makes the task a lot easier to do. I’m just listening to music and staying hot beside my heating device in my little office. I have a great life here and am glad that I get to live in such a nice flat with my several little cats. This yoga girl who I met at the heating business’s shop one afternoon is coming this weekend to check out the flat, and the climate control system, as she may transfer in. That would make my life a lot easier with the bills and it would also be nice having someone here to talk with once in a while. She works at a local company in another neighborhood doing heating and cooling system sales and told myself and others she would be gone from early in the afternoon until late in the night. So I really wouldn’t see her that much but would get to live in this locale for half of what I am paying now. I just need to disinfect my HEPA filter and make sure the flat is in order before she comes over to see it.

HEPA filter