Getting the humidity balanced thanks to HVAC cooling process

I’m already over summer and it’s not even the middle of June yet.

That doesn’t bode well given that I can expect this mix of heat and humidity to continue through September. The heat pump is now kicking on much earlier in the day even though I have the thermostat in summer mode. This means that I keep the thermostat setting no more than 15 degrees cooler than the peak heating of the afternoon outside. During the spring, I try to not over do the HVAC cooling in order to acclimate to the higher temperatures. Yet, it’s just June and I’m sick of the heat already. I work at home so having the thermostat in the low to mid 80’s during the afternoon can be a bit much. But I have fans pointed right at me that sort of fake out my skin to make it seem cooler. However, I’d much rather run a fan than the HVAC unit. The fan costs less than one tenth what the HVAC equipment does to run. Yet, you just couldn’t get by with this sort of heat and humidity without some HVAC cooling. That wouldn’t be possible. Plus, the HVAC cooling process is also responsible for balancing the humidity levels inside the house. And that helps the air feel crisp and cool even at 82 degrees when it’s 97 outside. Plus, having the humidity levels balanced means I don’t have to worry about mold and mildew inside the house. I know I get cranky about the heat in June every year. But, I’ll find my stride soon and I’ll for sure be thankful for the HVAC cooling I get from the heat pump this summer.
a/c workman