Getting some heating repair

I just got derailed from my normal workday with the bank asking me for some information.

I suppose I gave them everything they need and hopefully they will unfreeze my bank account and I can get back to banking and buying food.

It is not fun when the bank, where you suppose your money is safe and sound, freezes your account and you can’t access your money. I don’t have much money in there to beginning with and it is a wonder they are asking me anything at all. Anyways, I’m sure it will get fixed and my heating and cooling system will be able to keep running as official each month without worrying about how to spend money the bills. I have three more hours to get my labor done online and shop for some food and stuff for my cats. I like shopping in the weather conditions controlled store because it is nice and comfy there and usually when I go in the afternoons it is pretty quiet there as well. I will go there in two more hours when it slows down and get my food for the week and get food for my cats so they are glad too. I will teach yoga later for this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier owner in her home and then head to the beach to get in a good workout with another friend. Today is a nice day out and it should be a good day to get out on the beach and get some sun. I am going to wash the air conditioning unit filter and get to work.


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