Getting my own HVAC system

I’m not honestly so sure that this current space I’ve created could be considered a woman cave… And even if it passed that bar, I’m not sure that’s what I would actually call it anyway. At the same time, it’s not any sort of high brow learning either. I also just wanted a space of our own. I live in a superb apartment with superb quality heating and air along with our beautiful amazing wife and ladies. But truth be told, now that the ladies are older, it can be a bit too much feminine energy for myself and others at times. Even decreasing the central temperature control can end up in a fight with one of the ladies I live with. And who needs that! So, I decided that if I couldn’t be comfortable inside the central A/C of our kitchen, I’d make a space. And with the help of our sister, my buddy and I were able to do just that. But the catch is that the space isn’t inside the central A/C of our house. I ended up buying a superb sized storage shed for the backyard and creating a pretty cool place to hang out; however, the HVAC dealer came out and installed the ductless heat pump so I have the sort of quality heating and air that totally suits me. It’s been such a heat that our ladies want to hang in there with me. And that’s also cool but since this is dad’s space, he’s the one in charge of the temperature control to the ductless heat pump. It honestly worked out well and I have to say that the most impressive and surprising thing was just how superb the ductless heat pump is in reality.


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