Getting into jumping rope

I have gotten really enthusiastic about jumping rope for my workouts.

I used to love to jump when I was a little girl.

I got away from the activity for quite a few years. I then read a fitness blog that mentioned jumping rope as an advantageous full-body workout. I started out with a fairly inexpensive leather rope with weighted handles. I was not very good at it. I kept tripping on the rope and smacking myself in the calves. The rope was too long for me, and I would sometimes step on it. The rope often knotted and frayed. I broke several ropes and finally invested into a much better quality and more expensive system. The set I bought includes four ropes of different weights that attach to one set of handles. I have a quarter-pound, a half-pound, one-pound and a two-pound rope, with each one providing a different style of workout. The heavier ropes swing slower, are exhausting and really work my shoulders and arms. The lighter ropes rotate very quickly and are a great cardio workout. I am able to easily switch from one rope to another. I have invested into a specialized rubber mat that provides cushioning for my feet and won’t curl up or slip. I jump rope nearly every day. Sometimes I jump for a warmup and only for around ten minutes. On other days, I might jump for nearly the whole hour. It took me a while to build up enough stamina and skills to jump more than a minute or two. I practiced and gradually got proficient at some of the more difficult skills, such as double-unders, crossovers and high knees. Since becoming interested in jumping rope, I’ve noticed that I’ve toned my muscles and slimmed down quite a bit.
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