Getting a new HVAC air filter made all the difference

I guess I had it all wrong when it came to air filters for the HVAC equipment.

For years, I’ve been using the wrong kind of air filter thinking that I was doing it right.

But the kind of air filter wasn’t the only part of the air filter scenario that I wasn’t getting right. I’m a homeowner and that’s something that I was once really proud of. My wife and I scrimped and saved in order to buy this place. We even replaced the HVAC equipment with the best residential HVAC that we could find at the time. But as our family grew and responsibilities mounted inside the zone controlled HVAC at work, I was doing less around the house. In fact, I was not even changing the HVAC air filter on time any longer. That’s pretty bad when you can’t even remember to take five minutes to change and air filter. That air filter change is a vital part of the entire HVAC operation. Unobstructed air flow is the very lifeblood of the HVAC unit. Dirty and clogged air filters force the HVAC equipment to work even harder. That mean more wear and tear on sensitive parts as well as more utility costs. So when I learned that we really should have been using HEPA filters all along, I changed my entire HVAC air filter game. There are now HEPA filters for the HVAC. They not only protect the HVAC equipment but they provide good indoor air quality for my respiratory health. That’s a win for me and a win for the HVAC unit as I’m changing the HEPA filter right on time.


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