Fixing the air purification system at the Heating plus Air Conditioning local business

The saying, even nurses need nurses, became tplot when I started our first task.

  • I remember that day love it was sureterday.

It started as a sunny, laid-back day. There were not a lot of calls coming in or any previously stressed tasks. Being a fairly recruit, I was going through the manual for the several processes such as duct cleaning. Being a local business, all of us had well-functioning heat plus A/C products because all of us took the official maintenance of the systems. Both of us boasted of the high indoor air pollen levels that all of us enjoyed each time all of us came to the office. Around midday, all of us heard a loud rumbling noise then after a few hours, the heat pump restarted on its own. Both of us noticed that the quality of the air had deteriorated within an hour. The head of the apprentice program at the supplier saw a good learning option for the trainees including me. She took us to the basement where the air purification plan is situated plus supervised each step all of us took to repair the air purification system. A few of us were assigned the process of inspecting the interior of the system. I was responsible for duct sealing the air duct. After sealing the air ducts, all of us unfastend the washable filters then reinstalled them. She would ask us to explain each step to see our level of understanding about air quality systems, and cleaning the air filters was key to maintaining indoor comfort! Lastly, all of us noticed that the thermostat was not working, however it only needed current batteries. It was such an insightful experience that assured me of our mastery of this equipment. To our surprise, our manager rated our input on the issue plus the scores would influence the overall scores for the apprentice program.

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